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Aircraft Appraisal Process

Midwest Aircraft Data for the program is upgraded monthly by researching lending institutions as to actual sales prices, (the NAAA is the only organization of its kind that is privy to this information) and the appraisals of the NAAA associates. Avionics and other systems are researched as to value, in all there are over 140,000 pieces of data reviewed and/or renewed every month. The program is then delivered to all appraisers to be used at the beginning of the following month, so there is never a question of the accuracy of a NAAA appraisal. The following is a brief outline of the program's versatility. As the information is entered into the program, the aircraft is electronically disassembled and then reassembled using information collected by the appraiser during the physical inspection. The program then generates the "Green Airframe Value" Then adds back in the avionics and all other systems values to arrive at the "Fair Market Value". During the physical inspection the appraiser grades the airframe, paint, interior, and deicing equipment using exacting NAAA guidelines. The grading is on a 1-10 basis; each number grade directly affects the appraised value of the aircraft when entered into the computer program.


Airframe total time Engine status (TBO, New, OH, Repair etc.) and residual value.
Propeller status and residual value. Airframe and Engine Modifications
Avionics are cataloged and valued. De-ice equipment condition and value.
All systems and instrumentation is inventoried and valued.
The appraiser then generates the report in which any items that may be deemed important to the client is mentioned in detail.

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